African Cichlids
Lake Nyasa (Malawi)
Lake Nyasa (Malawi) Lake Victoria Lake Tanganyika

Lake Nyasa has another name, Lake Malawi, both lakes are one and the same. Lake Malawi is bordered by three countries, Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Most of the african cichlids you see in the pet stores come from this lake originally. Now they are bred by breeders and sold to the stores. Lake Nyasa is a very deep lake with its deepest point being 2,300ft under water. It resides at the elevation of 1550ft. The lake is 350 miles long and has an area of 11,100 sq miles. Many of the Malawi cichlids are mbuna, living among big rock piles and crevices. There are many more cichlids in Lake Malawi that are little known or undiscovered.