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Setting up your tank

When choosing where to place your tank, try not to put it in high traffic areas, such as your front entrance way, or where there is a door that is always opening and closing. These areas are not suitable because of the vibrations of the closing door and because of all the people walking by.

Another bad place is in direct sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight soon you will have a tank filled with algae. Some good places are in your family room or bedroom. I have two tanks in my bedroom and One in the family room.


Photographing your fish

Equipment needed: Tripod, Camera, 400 iso film, some portable lights, and of course fish to take pictures of.

The most important thing to remember when taking pictures is lighting. Make sure you have enough light, whether it means bring in extra lights or using the flash. With extra lights, try to poisition them on either side of the tank, also make sure that your tank lights are turned on, you can also put lights on top of your hoods and shine them into the tank through the flap.